A warm Welcome to wildwuchs 2015!

From the 4th to the 14th of June 2015 everything turns around the theme of responsibility.

It is about taking over responsibility, of carrying responsibility.To share responsibility and if necessary: to give up some. wildwuchs wants to make theatre for all.

wildwuchs wants to prove that normality is just a question of perspective. wildwuchs wants to offer the opportunity to exchange experience against prejudice.

We want that people meet whose pathes never cross in everyday life. We want to connect themes that are important but often neglected.

People should learn from each other at wildwuchs. That prejudice and fear render thinking difficult. That one needs a place where to feel safe. That one cannot become happy as long as one ignores the misfortunes of others. That it is worthwhile engaging for others.

wildwuchs wants to enable encounters and create space where there is time to understand each other.

wildwuchs wants that something really changes.

We take over.