Saturday 0606


19:00         Kaserne Basel

On revolutionary enhancements, virtuosic inventions, and what it means to be an actor

Impairment, disability, defect, flaw, lack, deficiency, as argued within the disability movement and in disability studies, are not necessarily disempowering terms, but rather paths in the discovery and development of other abilities. This way of thinking is at the very center of developments in overlapping disciplines in the humanities, sciences, and at the forefront of what it means to be human today. How might the concept of disability present us with an inherently different way of understanding our «humanity», and what imaginative and emancipatory forms of expression might it illuminate?

At the BLACKMARKET OF USEFUL KNOWLEDGE and NON-KNOWLEDGE NO. 17 in BASEL 50 experts from various disciplinary fields including critical disability studies, cultural theory, robotics, visual and performing arts, comic book literature, entertainment, music, sports, psychology, and activism of all different abilities will discuss and/or show the limitations and potentialities that disability can have on society.

This event will delve into the contributions and ethical questions surrounding technologi- cal enhancements, what it means to be human and the political implications of thinking about (dis) ability in its differing and complex manifestations. With this offering what liberating options might arise if we looked at disability as an occasion to stretch and complicate our parahuman imagina- tive capabilities?

Mobile Academy Berlin stages performances and meeting places of knowledge. In performative installations rhethorics and gestures of knowledge transfer are renegotiated, either in dialogs or in old and new formats of gatherings. Each project is dedicated to a specific theme, which is per- formed and documented as a live event that is then available in varying archives.

With a number of talks in English