Thursday 1106

Thursday, 11th of June

«On the run»

18:00            Stadtkino Basel

A film and discussion evening at Stadtkino Basel deals with the perception of young people on the run from Africa to the «promised land» of Europe. How has the film-maker Diego Ndombasi expereinced his own flight?

Why are the German director Miriam Fassbender and the Swiss filmmaker Fernand Melgar taking up the standpoint of migrants in their films?

Diego Ndmobase: «In Expectation of Europe»

This film of the Basel-based film-maker Diego Ndombasi is about fleeing from Africa. Diego mixes in his film which he cut especially for wildwuchs real stories with fictious moments. The difficult escape from the Republic of Kongo is shown and though the travel to Europe is expensive, exhausting and very dangerous a lot of people still try to reach the «promised land». Some will finally arrive, others will fail on the long journey.

In French with German subtitles 

Miriam Fassbender: «Fremd»

On his way from south of the Sahara to the paradise of conceptions called Europe, Mohamed is constantly haunted by three questions: will I drown into the sea, will I get there, will I be banished once I am there? Foreign follows the journey of the young man from Mali to the vantage point to Europe. One of the oldest routes to a better life runs through Algeria to Morocco and finally to Spain.

The documentary gives face to migration across the Mediterranean. Mohamed, the first born of a family of seven, is sent travelling when the family has a need for a provider. The parents sell their cows to fund his way – turning back is not an option. On this years-long journey all sense of time disappears, and one’s worth as a human being is based solely on hope.

In different languages with German subtitles

Followed by a discussion German with the two film-makers and inés Mateos

Fernand Melgar: «L’Abri»

21:00          Stadtkino Basel

It is winter at an emergency shelter for the homeless in Lausanne. Every night at the door of this little-known basement facility the same entry ritual takes place, resulting in confrontations which can sometimes turn violent. Those on duty at the shelter have the difficult task of “triaging the poor”: the women and children first, then the men. Although the total capacity at the shelter is 100, only 50 “chosen ones” will be admitted inside and granted a warm meal and a bed. The others know it will be a long night.

In French with German subtitles