Thursday 0406

Thursday, 4th of June

Diego Ndombasi: «In expectation of Europe»

18:00          Roxy Birsfelden

This film of the Basel-based film-maker Diego Ndombasi is about fleeing from Africa. Diego mixes in his film which he cut especially for wildwuchs real stories with fictious moments. The difficult escape from the Republic of Kongo is shown and though the travel to Europe is expensive, exhausting and very dangerous a lot of people still try to reach the «promised land». Some will finally arrive, others will fail on the long journey.

Film in French with German subtitles

«Homeradio wildwuX: Zimmer frei»
19:00          Roxy Birsfelden

People who need to search for asylum in Switzerland play the main role in this project. The Basel-based actress and director Grazia Pergoletti produces a radio play with them. It deals with people living a fictious shared house who look for new flatmates. In everyday life people without papers often hide as they are afraid that the police will arrest them and send them back home. Often they do not even dare to talk to other people.

In ‹Homeradio wildwuX› they can say loudly and openly what they think. For once it is them who asks the questions, not vice versa. They decide who might move in with them.

The radio play is entitled ‹Homeradio wildwuX: Free Rooi› and is live produced and presented during the wildwuchs Festival. At the same time all of Basel can listen to it on Radion X, the local radio station. So you can either listen to the radio - or apply for the empty room at Roxy Birsfelden. 

In several languages

Star Boy Collective & Ahilan Ratnamohan: «Star Boy Productions»

20:00          Roxy Birsfelden

The illegal things people do in order to become 'legal'

Fake marriages, passport swaps, adoption, scam contracts, sugar mammas and internet relationships. Get your asylum-seeker status, 6-month card, 5-year card or even Belgian nationality and passport. STAR BOY PRODUCTIONS is going to help you to stay in the country and eventually get on top. Using their combined years of experience, Junior, Aloys and Lateef are going to help you to make a better future for yourself.

In Star Boy Productions, 3 African migrants invite an audience into their world of clandestine survival tactics, explaining the lengths one can and must go to in order to remain in Europe. Star Boy Productions examines the psyche of African migrants in Europe attempting to create a better future for themselves.

in English with German subtitles